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Are You Response-able?

I’m not asking whether you merely fulfill your duties in your life and complete your obligations to others, although that’s certainly a part of it.

Rather, I mean, are you response-able, a term Dr. Viktor Frankl coined to get to the essence of what responsibility is all about.

Having survived the Holocaust, and inspired millions of people through his work, at the heart of this great man’s work (logotherapy) was one simple and powerful idea: 

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.

Either we live in reaction to our world, victims of our circumstances, and powerless when the storms of life descend. Or, we learn to become response-able:

  • To make a stand in our life, standing up to our circumstances, no matter what they might be…
  • To awaken to our lives,  or what Dr. Frankl called, to awaken to the defiant power of our spirit…
  • To live our true power, the power to stop reacting to our circumstances and choose our response to life!
My life’s purpose is to empower you to live response-ably: to take back your power to respond to your life and be free!

Are you ready for response-ability?

Work With Baruch

Enneagram Coaching

Experience the Enneagram, an ancient personality system and roadmap, with practical tools and strategies to learn how to respond to others and life.

Meaning Counselling

Explore Logotherapy, where you’ll discover deeper meaning and purpose, learning to live your “why” in all aspects of your life.

Spiritual Direction

Expand your understanding and experience of your true self, as you awaken “the defiant power of your spirit.”

You can choose from these different healing and guidance pathways, or combine them in a way that resonates with your needs and what you’re seeking. Schedule a discovery call with Baruch to explore which path is right for you.

Learn More About Why Baruch Draws Upon These Traditions & Tools

For over 25 years, Baruch has been exploring and utilizing numerous traditions and tools. Read on to understand more about why he specifically turns to Logotherapy, the Enneagram, and Spiritual Direction.

Why Logotherapy 

Logotherapy is a school of psychotherapy founded by Dr. Viktor Frankl. He is the author of over forty books, including “Man’s Search for Meaning,” which the Library of Congress named one of the ten most influential books ever. There is a good reason for this honor. Viktor Frankl conceived of logotherapy and lived it under the most horrific circumstances in human history: the Holocaust. Despite this, he survived and inspired countless others through his powerful message – that within you, there is the defiant power of the human spirit. You can discover meaning in your life from this place and “transform tragedy into triumph.” This is your responsibility in life – your response-ability – your ability to take back your power and choose your response to life.

Why The Enneagram 

The Enneagram, pronounced “any-uh-gram,” is often referred to as a personality assessment and typing system. However, it is much more than that. In fact, it is an ancient blueprint of human motivation and behavior- or why we do what we do- with roots in numerous spiritual and philosophical traditions. Most of all, it is a practical and actionable roadmap to understand what Dr. Frankl meant when he said, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. The Enneagram is that space, providing you with practical tools and strategies to stop reacting and take back your power to choose your response to life.

Why Spirituality 

Having guided thousands of people of every faith tradition, religion and belief system, here’s what I know to be true: The essence of who we are is not a body or a mind, both of which can break, become ill, and ultimately die. We have a body and a mind, but we are, as Viktor Frankl called it, “no’os,” or as we might refer to it, “spirit” – that aspect of us that does not break, cannot become ill, is always whole, and never dies. If we are going to discover meaning in our lives, realize our true purpose in this lifetime, and cultivate resilience in whatever we are facing, we are going to have to turn to, cultivate, and live the defiant power of our spirit – that spirit that is within you, that spirit that is you. This is not about religion, dogma, or changing your beliefs. It is simply about awakening the defiant power of your spirit through exploration and living it out in practical ways that are comfortable and meaningful to you.

Meet Dr. Baruch HaLevi aka “B”

I am Dr. Baruch HaLevi, but everyone calls me “B.” I am a logotherapist (meaning-centered psychotherapist), spiritual guide, Enneagram teacher, and serial entrepreneur, with doctoral degrees in pastoral counseling and divinity. I have coached, counseled, and guided thousands of people to discover deeper meaning in their lives, cultivate greater resilience, and realize their true purpose for over twenty years. Or, in the words of my teacher and mentor, Dr. Viktor Frankl, I empower my clients to stop living in reaction and take back their power to choose their response in life. If you are ready for response-ability, then keep on reading…

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Coaching takes place  by phone, Zoom or in person in Denver, CO weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs. I’d be delighted to offer you a complimentary discovery session where we can get to know one another and design a program that’s right for you. 

Are you ready to walk the road of response-ability?

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