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Enneagram - The Defiant Spirit

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You live your life

Business 360 is our foundational business program for any company or organization seeking a comprehensive and dynamic approach…

  • To increase productivity and profitability by utilizing the strengths of individual employeeS

  • To experience and appreciate an additional perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion 

  • To attract and retain happier, fulfilled, and successful employees and leaders





WHAT IS Business 360

Business 360 combines our three Defiant Spirit pillars: The Enneagram, Meaning-Centered Coaching and Mindfulness Training, providing them to businesses and organizations through a combination of assessments, seminars, trainings and coaching depending on your company’s needs. 

The Enneagram 

Business Cafe

A personality typing and training system, designed specifically for businesses and organizations

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching grounded in the principles of Logotherapy and the work of Dr. Viktor Frankl

Mindfulness Training

Scientifically proven and practical mindfulness strategies to live the Enneagram & meaning principles

Why We Use The Enneagram

We all have habitual patterns of behavior, and it’s only when we become aware of WHY we behave in certain ways, that we can be the best version of ourselves. Likewise, by gaining more understanding of what motivates others (their WHY), we are able to find more effective ways of working together. Whereas other personality assessments and systems explore what we do or how we do it, only the Enneagram shows us WHY.

Why We Use Meaning Coaching

For your company or organization to succeed, you need to have a clearly defined and understood mission, or as Dr. Frankl referred to it, your WHY. Isn’t the same true for everyone involved in this mission? Doesn’t it make sense that those who lead your business would have a clearly defined sense of their mission – that they know their why, and you know theirs? This is the uniqueness and greatness of the Enneagram, a sophisticated yet simple system that illuminates and educates us on our why – why we do what we do. Through assessments, teaching, training, consulting, and coaching, our Enneagram experts and executive coaches work with you and your company to discover, articulate and communicate the why of your company, your leadership, employees, and all of your stakeholders. This is the power of the Defy Your Number Enneagram system, why we’ve created Business 360.

Why We Use Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is an easy-to-learn technique that is currently being used by thousands of hospitals, schools, sports teams, corporations, and even the US Military. Over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies have shown its effectiveness in improving health, mental clarity, creativity, performance, memory, attention, communication, and reactivity. It is how we expand “the space,” stop reacting to our circumstances and begin to choose our responses.

Enneagram - The Defiant Spirit

The Business 360 Menu

HOW It Works

You live your life

We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to working with our executive or business clients. We design an experience personalized for you and your organization’s needs. The following is a menu of services we work with in designing a program that’s right for your company, including:

  • Enneagram Discovery Seminar: 

We always kick off our work with clients providing a 90 minute introduction to the Enneagram. This includes a complimentary, informal Enneagram assessment for all participants, along with an initial Discovery Debrief where we meet to design a program which is right for them.

  • Business 360 Standardized Assessments: 

Beyond our complimentary assessment, we offer a robust Enneagram assessment powered by IEQ9, the premium enneagram assessment on the market. Utilizing the data from this invaluable assessment, we provide organizations with useable data sets, presenting them ways to incorporate this into their strategic planning and daily operations. 

  • Business 360 Discovery Seminar: 

This is our half-day workshop where we explore Enneagram leadership styles, individual results, and how it empower team members to communicate more effectively, discover deeper meaning in their work, and further the company’s mission.

  • Business 360 Coaching:

Individual or small group sessions to integrate and utilize the Enneagram with practical coaching insights and tools.

  • Business 360 Workshops:

We provide a wide range of collaborative educational workshops, from effective communication to conflict resolution, from hiring to onboarding to 360 reviews, all through the lens of the Enneagram.

*Note: Every client determines which aspect of the menu is.         right for their needs.

We’d love to hear from you and see how we can support you and your business/organization


The Defy Your Number System

The Defiant Spirit Business 360 program utilizes our proprietary Defy Your Number (DYN) Enneagram system developed by Dr. Baruch HaLevi. This system allows us to deliver a comprehensive, integrated, and consistent experience to our clients in total alignment with our mission. 

At the Defiant Spirit we do not believe in typing people to reduce them to a personality type, a number. On the contrary, everything about our philosophy and programs does just the opposite, to remind people that they are so much more than their Enneagram number, their personality type, their conditioned behaviors, and the ways they react to their circumstances. 

Again, in the words of Dr. Viktor Frankl, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.”

Simply put, we utilize the Enneagram to discover where we go when we are in reaction when we reduce ourselves to our Enneagram type – to a number. Our work is not to be our number; instead, it is to DEFY our number. We utilize the Enneagram to discover how we react to learn how to choose our response. 

The Defiant Spirit Enneagram Master Basic Enneagram



Although there are many Enneagram assessments and systems on the market, not all of them are created equal. That is why we utilize Integrative Enneagram Solutions (IEQ9), an international business providing individual, team, and organization development solutions. IEQ9 is considered the gold standard of all Enneagram assessments as it has the highest, scientifically validated rate and is the only one designed for the corporate sector.
The IEQ9 online platform is easy to use, providing innumerable and invaluable data and analytics that form our client reports’. Upon completing the IEQ9 assessment, our team compiles and analyzes the data, presenting it to our clients in multiple formats. 


Enneagram Materials

EXecutive Summary

Everyone who takes an assessment receives an executive summary providing an overview of their Enneagram type and all the essential data from their results. This summary forms the basis of a client’s Enneagram Debrief, a one-on-one or small group discussion to walk through their results. It also serves as the foundation for ongoing one-on-one or small-group coaching and training.


One of the most compelling aspects of the Defy Your Number Enneagram system is that we have created 9 e-books, over forty pages each, of insights and explanations around that particular type. In addition to the traditional Enneagram language, there are modern and relevant examples of this type as leaders, areas of strengths and weaknesses, along with growth work needed to defy your number.

Data Assessments

The true difference between DYN and other systems is our Company Constellations, where we compile all individual data sets into a Data Deck. This deck serves as the basis of our work with the company’s leadership in understanding their constituents. From this data, we can see trends, patterns, strengths, and vulnerabilities, able to assess the situation and make recommendations.

Our Team

The Business 360 team includes the Defiant Spirit founder and CEO, Dr. Baruch “B” HaLevi, along with Katie Clayman and Julie Maus.

Dr. Baruch HaLevi

Dr. Baruch “B” HaLevi comes to this work as a serial-entrepreneur, Logotherapist (meaning-coaching/therapy), Enneagram teacher and creator of the Defy Your Number Enneagram system. He is also co-founder of the Viktor Frankl Meaning Academy, providing meaning, purpose, and resilience programming to individuals and businesses.

Katie Clayman

Katie Clayman has spent her career in the corporate sector as a recruiting, staffing and hiring professional. She is also a certified Enneagram teacher and coach, utilizing it in her work with professionals and business. You can learn more about Katie here. 

Julie Maus

Julie Maus is a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher & Yoga Instructor as well as a Certified Enneagram Therapist. You can learn more about Julie at at Mindful Maus.

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