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Whether grieving the loss of a loved one, or confronting our own mortality, we all come face-to-face with the darkness of death at some point during life’s complicated journey.

And Rabbi Baruch HaLevi, DMin, is no exception. During a long career in which he has guided countless others through the process of loss and bereavement, he faced two devastating losses of his own when, two decades apart, his grandmother and father tragically took their own lives.

But when the shadows of grief took hold, “Rabbi B” dedicated his life to breaking this cycle, searching within the darkness rather than turning away. By transforming his mourning into meaning, he discovered the sparks that lie within, inspiring thousands of others along the way.

Featuring a mixture of personal stories and enlightening perspectives on love and loss, Spark Seekers serves as a companion for anyone, at any point along the grief journey, seeking to emerge from death’s darkness with newfound inspiration, purpose and, life.

From preparing for the end of life to exploring a myriad of meaningful mourning practices, this guide, coauthored by hospice bereavement counselor Ellen Frankel LCSW, combines equal parts inspiration and practical how-tos, paving the way for a new approach for looking at dying, death, and life after loss in the twenty-first century

Individual Programs

B's Newest Program

Combining the Defy Your Number Enneagram System developed by Dr. Baruch HaLevi with the insights, tools, and messages channeled by spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, 9 Lives: The Spirit of The Enneagram provides you with everything you need to understand the fundamentals of the Enneagram and practical pathways to connect with Spirit and live your spirit. 

Enneagram Introduction

Own Your Number (OYN) is a self-guided, multimedia introduction to the Enneagram. It provides you with everything you need to discover your Enneagram type, own your number, and start your journey to defining your number.

Grief Guidance

The Carry The Fire 28-Day Grief Retreat is a holistic approach to healing on your journey through grief at any point after the death of a loved one. It provides you mind, body and spirit videos, exercises and journaling prompts to discover meaning on your healing journey.

Midlife Awakening

Maybe it's triggered by a divorce, a death, a professional setback, or just an inexplicable longing for something more in our life, but when the "midlife crisis" comes calling, we don't have to be victims; we are not powerless - we can choose our own way.

Mindfulness Practice

OM Your Power is a complimentary, 7 day, multimedia program, in which we will share with you some of our most trusted tools in consciously and effectively transforming the Afternoon of Life into the most meaningful, purposeful, and inspirational time of life.

Advanced Enneagram

Defy Your Number is a self-guided, multimedia advanced Enneagram program. In this program you will take a deeper dive into the next level of your Enneagram exploration including: Enneagram lines, wings, instincts, subtypes and all of the different Enneagram triads.

Coming Soon

The Way To Spirit: The Enneagram & Spirituality (with Rebecca Rosen)
The Way To Wealth: The Enneagram & Financial Abundance
The Way To Lead: The Enneagram & Leadership Development
The Way To Heal: The Enneagram & Holistic Healing (with Ariela HaLevi)

All of the Defiant Spirit Individual Programs are housed on Thinkific. You can learn more by clicking below.

Business Programs

All business programs are designed to individual clients’ particular needs, and can be delivered both virtually, in-person or a hybrid scenario.

Pleases contact Baruch for more information.

The Enneagram & Leadership

For businesses and organizations seeking to utilize the Enneagram for professional development and to better understand their leaders, employees, customers/ clients and all of their stakeholders.

The Enneagram & Finance

For financial businesses and professionals seeking to utilize the Enneagram to better understand their clients, how they relate to money, financial planning and wealth creation, and customize their client experience.

The Enneagram For Business

For businesses and organizations who want to utilize the insights of the Enneagram in their workplace: communicate more effectively, understand motivations, increase meaning and resilience.

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