Welcome To Own Your Number.

Welcome To Own Your Number

Own Your Number is a self-guided, multimedia introduction to the Enneagram. It provides you with everything you need to discover your Enneagram type, own your number, and start your journey to defining your number.


The Enneagram helps us see our reactions

You have a number. You are not a number.

No one wants to be labeled, typed, or reduced to a number, and rightly so. You are not an Enneagram 1: The Reformer, or an Enneagram 8: The Challenger. Yes, you have a number. Your number is simply your personality, and we all have one of those, but, what is personality? Personality comes from the word persona, which means “mask.” Your Enneagram number is the mask you wear, how you have learned to survive, protecting yourself in a rough and dangerous world. The Enneagram simply shows you the mask. More importantly, it shows you the way to take the mask off – to stop living as a number – in reaction. It isn’t about discovering your number, rather, it’s about taking back your power to choose your way out from that mask- to first own and then defy your number!

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Enneagram - The Defiant Spirit

Here's How It works

Own Your Number

Before we can own our number, first we must discover it, and this program provides you the opportunity to do both. Maybe you’ve engaged with my complimentary Discover Your Number Enneagram Discovery Tool. If you have, then you may already be certain of your Enneagram number and this program will support you in continuing your journey. If you haven’t discovered your number yet, don’t worry. Own Your Number provides you with everything the discovery tool did and much more. So, here’s what’s inside and how it works.

Enneagram - The Defiant Spirit

All 9 types

The Own Your Number (OYN) Program Provides You All 9 Types

Whereas most programs give you access to one number, your dominant or Core Type, OYN provides all 9 for a couple of reasons.

First, you have all 9 numbers within you. They are survival strategies, all of which you use, just some more than others. So think of them as rank-ordered within you, each one waiting for you to discover it so you can understand how you protect yourself with it, and defy it.

Second, you know someone from each of these numbers and understanding their Core Type is crucial so you can stop reacting and start responding to them. Sometimes knowing their type is even more important than knowing your type.

So, here's how it works...

The Defiant Spirit - Enneagram

Own Your Number


You will receive a Own Your Number e-book containing over 75 pages chock-full of insights, explanations, and a lot of fun bonus materials to help you discover the fundamentals of all 9 types. This book is designed to be easily and quickly engaged, using the following formula for each chapter.

1. Who: Every number begins with “who” – who are each of these types out in the world, supported by famous people who will bring each type to life.

2. Why – Why do these types do what they do? What’s their primary motivation? Additionally, you’ll explore some pop culture icons for each of these types.

3. How – How does each type move through the world? What are their struggles, and how do others perceive them? If each type were represented by a country, animal, and sport, this is what they would look like.

4. When – When they communicate what does it look like and what should you expect? Additionally, if each type was a movie, character, sport, or music genre, what might you expect?

 5. Where – Where does each type has blindspots, areas to stand guard against, along with growth paths and what they need to pay attention to?

Bonus – Each type ends with everybody’s favorite game, “Name That Number,” where you’ll see a whole host of TV and movie characters that align with that type. This is a fun and excellent way to learn about the Enneagram and something you can enjoy with family and friends.

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Baruch is with you...


More than just an e-book, this is a multimedia interactive program where Baruch will be with you every step of the way.  You will receive introductory videos providing you the overview you need to dive into each of the 9 types. Additionally, there will be plenty of bonus videos and audio downloads to support you on your discovery process.

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make it personal...


Finally, you will receive a workbook/journal to record all of your discoveries and insights for each of the numbers, along with key insights you will want to remember and journaling prompts. This is an important element in transforming from a theoretical or educational exercise into a journey of inner discovery and outward growth and connection.

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Take The Online Assessment

Enneagram Test

Finally, as an additional cost but at a reduced rate, you can add an online Enneagram assessment. This is not one of those free or cheap assessments. Baruch only uses IEQ9 with all his coaching clients, the industry’s leading assessment, and gold standard of all Enneagram tests. It is the only one that uses A.I. algorithms, creating a unique test for you, and with a 95% accuracy rate. This assessment will provide you with all nine of your numbers ranked in order, along with a lot more information. This will help you to expedite your discovery process.

The Defy Your Number program

*introductory price

P.S. If you would like to add on an Enneagram assessment for $149,  email us to get the link to your test.

To work individually with Baruch or to learn more, check out The Defiant Spirit Coaching & Counseling Page.

Not quite ready to buy?

That’s cool – then I invite you to take my complimentary Discover Your Number Enneagram Discovery Tool, and start there!

Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing,

your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.

Dr. Viktor Frankl

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